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You and your spouse want control over how your assets are divided. You and your spouse know what type of parenting schedule is best for your children. You do not want a knock-down drag-out fight that lasts years and costs thousands of dollars. You understand that not all divorces have to be nasty, and that both parties can walk away satisfied with complete control over the disposition of the property of the marriage. Most importantly, though, you recognize how important it is that you both leave your marriage with your dignity intact, and the respect of any children.


When you are going through something as difficult as the ending of a marriage, you do not want a stranger at the courthouse (a judge or magistrate) deciding what is best for you and your family; you want an attorney with compassion that can make sure you make an educated decision about what is best for your individual situation. Contact The Law Offices of Stephanie Smith Pinskey, LLC, to make an appointment for your free consultation today.